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Featured on the front page of Adweek, on A.V. Club, and on The Next Web.

Received a Red Dot Communication Design Award, featured on Digital Photography Review.

Print campaign. Non-profit.
Fundraising campaign for Pink Cross where money itself became the spokesperson for the cause.

Silver in Clio Awards 2016, Gold in ANDY Awards 2016, Bronze in Creativity International Awards 2016, named finalist at YGA 2015.

Digital campaign.
Memes are big news now. If a “boring” insurance company wanted to become relevant for Millennials and Generation Z-ers, it’s only fitting they would use their language, the language of memes.

Technology for a good cause.
Received Bronze in International Creativity Awards 2016 and shortlisted in Future Lions 2015.

Digital campaign.
Location-based race game for the generation of electric car drivers.

An plane ticket search engine for the traveler tired of choice.

A photo book about reflections in a city

Collection of photographs taken over the last couple of years, some of them united by a theme and some totally random.