Loneliness in the elderly is a silent danger. It can result in a sense of detachment from society, and even increase the mortality rate for those affected.

Airbnb is in the perfect position to bring these lonely seniors back into society and make them belong again. The seniors already have many stories to tell. Why don’t we connect them with travellers?

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How it works

With the help of Age UK we will add the information of the seniors who wish and can share their stories with travelers. Once reBelong is launched Airbnb visitors will not only see the places where they can stay in, but also locations and profiles of the storytellers in the city.

Each storyteller will get a profile page where they can share their story, let the travelers know if they can take a walk with them around the city, or if they would like to be visited at home. Travelers will get an option to leave feedback for the storyteller they met with increasing this storyteller’s chances to share their stories with someone else.

Travelers will be encouraged to post selfies with their storytellers and share them with the hashtag “reBelong”. These will be displayed on Airbnb’s Wall of Belonging.

Step by step, with Airbnb forming partnerships globally, we can give purpose back to the elderly and allow both travelers and seniors to belong.

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AD: Evgeniya Marukhina
CW: Javed Jasani
Mentor: Niklas Frings-Rupp