Astra is an iconic beer born in the heart of Hamburg. Honest, straightforward and ironic it’s a mix of the rough harbor mood and crazy endless parties of St. Pauli.

Normally sold in single bottles, this year Astra is relaunching in six packs and wants to make sure everyone knows six packs of Astra are there.

What better way to show off the six packs than to prove any problem in the world can be solved in just six steps, with an Astra for each step.

Landing Page

A set of everyday problems and Astra’s six-step ironic solutions will make up the core of the campaign.

The six pack packaging will feature a problem on the front and each of the 6 steps on the bottles. Pick a six pack according to the issue that’s been eating at you and solve it through Astra’s 6 steps.


Redesigned packages will be featured on the city posters along with illustrated steps to solve each of the problems.


The world is full of problems, and Astra is here to solve it. On its Facebook page Astra will react to pop cultural and newsworthy events through a series of targeted solutions.

No longer do we need to live in fear about how to react to today’s news, Astra has our backs.


When users have a problem, they can reach out to Astra through Twitter. Astra will reply with 6 simple steps you need to take in order to solve your problem.

Most weird, interesting, fun or simply popular problems will be produced as exclusive six packs with steps listed on the bottles, delivered to the original authors and sold in selected stores.

ADs: Evgeniya Marukhina, Amelie Scheinert
CW: Javed Jasani
Mentor: Justin Joshua, Robert Müller