Electric cars are boring. Sure they save the environment but they're not really enjoyable, are they?

To prove the stereotype of electric cars false we’ve designed the EcoRaces, a city based game in partnership with the car-sharing company DriveNow. The race game where the more efficiently you drive the closer you get to the win.

Rules of the game

1. Pick up a BMW i3 from the nearest DriveNow station.

2. Decide if you want to earn your points or steal them from another player.

3a. If you’re earning just drive to your destination as efficiently as you can. i3’s smart navigation system will help you with that. Parts of the city where you beat other players with efficient driving will now belong to you and your team. This is a continuous source of points.

3b. If you’re stealing from the current owner of the area, i3 will guide you exactly through the route the owner did and you’ll have to show more efficient driving. Beat the owner and steal the area for you and your team, get bonus points for this.

4. Scores are reset every month. The team and the driver with the most points at the end of each period are rewarded with free minu.tes on their DriveNow account.


The website will serve as an informational hub for all the players and by-standers. It will be updated with news from the battlefield, provide all the necessary information about the game to non-players, a registration form and current map of ‘turf’ ownership.

Navigation system

We will integrate several screens for the players into the i3’s already smart navigation system. This will enhance the gameplay experience by helping the driver keep up with his efficiency points as well as keep track of his ‘turf’ and other players’ activity.

DriveNow Application

We will create an add-on to the existing DriveNow app that will let the player keep track of the leaders, get notified the moment their ‘turf’ is stolen, recruit more drivers for their team and spread the word through social media.

AD: Evgeniya Marukhina
CW: Javed Jasani
Mentor: Thomas Heinz