Whenever I searched for a plane ticket I always got overwhelmed by how complicated results were. A typical flight search engine throws hundreds of options at you when what you really want is just the cheapest way to get from one place to another. gives you exactly this. An interface simplified to the core and only one ticket in the results, the cheapest one.


Flightsearchr’s interface is simplified to the maximum.

Flightsearchr only displays one ticket as a result of the search giving you the cheapest flight that matches your request.

If you have any specific requests for the flight, like the number of stops you're willing to make, the maximum connection time or the preferred airline, you can adjust them here. Your one result will then update accordingly.

Flightsearchr is live and earned a special mention on Check it out!

UI/UX: Evgeniya Marukhina
Development: Igor Terekhov