What's Cooking?

Projects that are still a WIP, but are already great!

Chit Chat Go

There's a ton of language learning apps out there right now. But none of them come close in efficiency to having classes with an actual language teacher.

Chit Chat Go is the first language learning app that combines the flexibility of learning a language on-the-go with the efficiency of having a real-life language coach. It focuses on honing your Speaking and Writing skills through a number of tasks that you complete within the app that are then assessed, corrected and commented by a certified language teacher.

Chit Chat Go is still a work in progress, and is coming to your local App Store later this year.

Wake-Up Fortune

How excited are you at that moment you crack a fortune cookie? Your hands trembling, your heart racing in anticipation of finding out what the future holds for you. I know, right? Now, how excited are you normally about waking up in the morning?

Imagine if every time you woke up you could experience that sweet feeling of finding out your fortune for the day. With Wake-Up Fortune you get exactly that!

Wake-Up Fortune is an alarm clock which looks cool and is a true fortune-teller. Every time you hit the snooze button it prints a tiny piece of paper with your fortune on it presented by a cute lucky cat. A perfect motivation to get out of bed and start the day!

Wake-Up Fortune runs on Raspberry Pi, generates a fresh new fortune every time by intelligently compiling data from inspirational quotes and proverbs and prints on thermal paper rolls. So you can never run out of ink, or fortunes to look forward to. Wake-Up Fortune is currently being soldered and programmed, it will soon be available for pre-orders!