"In the future
everything will be memes."

– Some guy on the internet

Memes are big news now. Whether they're influencing elections, making fun of the days events, or bringing someone or something 15 seconds of fame, it's safe to say, for better or worse, memes are shaping modern culture. From old favorites such as Grumpy Cat, to the controversial Pepe, memes are changing the way we communicate.

If a “boring” insurance company wanted to become relevant for Millennials and Generation Z-ers, it’s only fitting they would use their language, the language of memes.

So, Geico will launch a tongue-in-cheek Meme Insurance. After all once the world is run on memes, we must protect them.

Geico will launch the world’s first “Meme Insurance”, coinciding with the release of season 4 of Black Mirror in October 2017. This will encourage the audience to think about their digital lives and safety, and the role of insurance to support them.

The Meme economy is a volatile one. You have to balance the spread of your memes with over-commercialisation. When sites like Buzzfeed use them the value suddenly plummets. Your precious meme is now worthless.

When the world is run on memes, memes become your most valuable resource. And like everything valuable they must be protected.

To insure your memes, you’ll have to register them with Geico. A team of meme specialists will appraise them using rarity, potential, and spread to assign it a value.

If the value of your meme suddenly collapses, perhaps through overuse or redundancy, Geico will replace your meme with one of equal or greater value.

With Geico you can be secure that your precious memes will be protected, no matter what the future holds. The terror of the great meme drought of October 2016 or the often prophesied future meme crash won’t affect you or your loved ones.

By mixing pop culture with insurance, Geico can make their “boring” products more relevant and relatable. Millennials and Gen Z-ers will now think of Geico first, when purchasing insurance.

AD: Evgeniya Marukhina
CW: Javed Jasani