Hi! I'm Jane.

I think in screens, pixels and bots, and my insights come from Reddit.

In 2013 I left cold Russia for a little less cold Germany to study at Miami Ad School Hamburg. Since then I've interned at agencies in Prague and New York, traveled to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Venice, Milan, Portland, Rome, Venice again, Seattle, Berlin (a lot of times), Paris, Boston, Naples, Boulder, Vienna, and Barcelona, worked in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf on Nissan, Nescafé, Allianz, IBM, KFC, Aldi and a ton of new business pitches.

I'm now based in Düsseldorf working at Proximity Worldwide, enjoying the beers and missing the sun. I'm always on the lookout for fresh challenges and new opportunities. If you want to offer me a gig, or simply talk about latest tech, burgers & Tex-Mex:

> send me a message: hi@jainny.com
> or give me a call: +49.176.817.00.174

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