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We often assume that people become homeless due to addictions or illnesses. Yet many of them end up on the streets by simply being unlucky enough to lose a job and not finding a new one in time.

To help them TaskRabbit and the National Coalition for the Homeless created Hutch, a beacon activated app that encourages members of the public to hire the homeless for various jobs according to their skills.


Finding a new home without income can be impossible. Finding a job without a home can be impossible. It’s a vicious cycle that people get trapped in.

TaskRabbit and the National Coalition for the Homeless want to break this cycle, with Hutch.

Hutch is an app, that works with beacons we give 
to homeless, the “hutchers”.

When someone walks by a “hutcher” they will receive a notification on their phone.

The notification will open a brief story about the “hutcher" and their skills. From here the user will be able to hire the homeless person for a task, bookmark them for later or donate to the National Coalition for the Homeless.

After completing the task the “hutcher” is paid for their work with a part going as a donation to the NCH.

This donation will be used to train the unskilled homeless allowing everyone to participate and increase their opportunities.

Hutch will provide a safety net and a stepping stone for those who have lost their homes. It will provide them with skills and a way back into society.

AD: Evgeniya Marukhina
CW: Javed Jasani
Mentor: Niklas Frings-Rupp