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Outdoor Lions Shortlist

New York Festivals Advertising Awards /

14 European countries allow gay marriage. Switzerland is still not one of them. Pink Cross is Switzerland's largest gay association fighting for the rights of Swiss people to same-sex marriage.

To achieve their goals Pink Cross launched a smart fundraising campaign where money itself became the spokesperson for the cause.

8 print ads pairing 16 bills showed 16 faces that met where facing pages meet for a kiss in support of gay marriage in Switzerland.

To further support the campaign Pink Cross ran the ads on billboards around Zürich.

And to celebrate its 25th anniversary Pink Cross exchanged its branded credit card for a limited series of the Kissing Bills credit cards. Each showing one of the 8 kissing couples from the ads. Whenever the Kissing Bills card is used 1% is donated to Pink Cross helping fuel the fight for gay marriage even more.

I was lucky to be part of the team working on the visualization of the campaign for Pink Cross and am thankful for the appreciation it received from the 360° MAGAZINE,,, TÊTU, Mannschaft Magazin, W&V.

Role: Junior Art Director
Agency: TBWA\ Germany
Client: Pink Cross

CCO: Christian Mommertz
CDs: Michael Manke, Lothar Schieberle