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Lego Museum in Prague together with Lego Czech Republic wanted to promote Lego to the crowds 
of tourists visiting Prague.

We noticed that kids get bored easily when sightseeing with their families. So we came up with Lego Vision, a tower viewer that transforms famous sightseeing spots into a live 3D copy made out of Lego bricks.

How it works

The Lego Vision viewers will be equipped with a special 3D panorama of the city made from the viewing spot that will react to the speed and direction the tower viewer is moved in. This will create a real-life experience of looking through the sightseeing telescope with the only change – the whole city will be made out of Lego bricks. Magic!

Lego Vision received Silver at Clio Awards 2016, Gold at ANDY Awards 2016, Bronze in Creativity International Awards 2016, named finalist at YGA 2015. Featured on: Ads of the World, Adeevee, Coloribus.

ADs: Evgeniya Marukhina, Belén M. Márquez
Designer: Vlad Tarziu
Mentors: Dora Pruzincova, Troy Palmer