Nicolas Cage defies definition. He defies logic. 
A Pop Culture icon, who's an over the top caricature yet painfully human at the same time.

But one thing he can always do is scream.

No one screams like Nic Cage. It's part feral beast, part existential crisis. Something so contradictory, yet so pure.

So we created a web page, where fans of Nicolas Cage can finally answer that question: can I "Rage like Cage"?

The site uses your microphone to record how hard you rage. You're then given a score from 1 to "Cage" with a corresponding GIF to show just how Cage you are. Share your results with your friends and see if any of you are truly Cage.

Think you’ve got what it takes to "Rage Like Cage”?

Our site created some buzz.

We were featured on the front page of Adweek, on A.V. Club, and on The Next Web.

In fact as our website spread, articles were posted from China, Brazil, Russia, and even a segment on Southern California Public Radio!

More than 35.000 people tried to Rage as hard as Cage, some of them tweeted nice things about us.

Design: Evgeniya Marukhina
CW: Javed Jasani, David Simons
Development: Igor Terekhov