Optimizing car buyer’s digital checkout.


Motoinsight is reinventing the way cars are sold in North America through its platform solution that enables any car manufacturer to launch an end-to-end online car buying experience for both the customer and the dealer.

With Volvo’s plan to only sell its XC40 Recharge inventory online we saw an opportunity to experiment and define the ideal checkout experience for car buyers on the platform.

The key action we needed customers to take was place a deposit to reserve a vehicle. To find the best option I prototyped two approaches in high fidelity: a modular flow that allowed customers to choose their path through the checkout but offered to place a deposit upfront, and a linear flow that allowed to place a deposit as the last step compromising its discoverability but putting it in more context.

After running both approaches through unmoderated usability tests and a few interviews I confirmed the linear checkout, though pushing the deposit step further away, resulted in customers feeling more reassured and ready to commit when they arrived at the key step.

We launched the linear checkout as a configuration option for all platform clients and every electric Volvo car in the US has been sold through it since 2021.

My role

I was the primary designer on the project. Working alongside the Product Manager and a team of engineers I defined the approaches, planned and ran user research, delivered the final designs and supported the implementation.

A year after the launch every Volvo electric model is being sold using Motoinsight's linear checkout flow which won against another provider’s option.
Motoinsight gained a scalable alternative solution that is now sold to tenants that prioritize key customer actions vs. lead generation for dealers.
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