Nutrition Coach –
a chat based app that makes individual nutrition plans accessible on-the-go.

Nutrition Coach
Freelance – working directly with client
UX/UI Design

Nutrition Coach is a Russian chat based nutrition app aimed at young busy people who are always on the move and struggle to keep balance between hustler lifestyle and staying healthy and fit.

The app pairs you with an individual professional nutrition coach who supports you in your health goals through regular check-ins and personalised advice via chat.

Being passionate about health, fitness and nutrition, I was extremely happy to help Nutrition Coach with designing the MVP along with investor decks and nutrition recruitment materials.

I was the only designer on this project.


At its core the app combines a chatbot that deals with easy to automate actions, such as onboarding, goal-setting, any updates to the profile, basic support questions, and one-on-one interaction with a dedicated real-life nutritionist who supports users on a daily basis guiding them towards healthier food choices.

I worked closely with the founder and the developer on the team to build out the end-to-end user experience, define the look and tone of voice, build the screens and ship them to production – all within three months we had before an investor presentation.



At the start of the experience the user gets onboarded by a chatbot through a series of questions.

As the only designer on the team I got to not only figure out the UX and look of the app, but also defined the tone of voice and the sequence of questions for the bot.


Setting the right kind of goals

It was important to establish the Nutrition Coach as a tool for a user to reach a variety of health and nutrition related goals. Even as an MVP it should have catered to more options than a typical “get slimmer” motivation. 

In its post-MVP stage the bigger goal for the app is to educate users further on what being healthy might mean, and how it is not always limited to seeing a certain number on the weights or following a strict diet.

This is why I added a clear goal-setting stage into the onboarding process that gave a user several options and helped the algorithm better match them with nutritionists.


Selecting a coach

The one value that sets Nutrition Coach apart from other health guiding apps out there is the team of educated real-life nutritionists that work to support each individual through personalised nutrition plans and being accessible any time for on-the-spot decision-making or a quick question.

To ensure that the users are paired with nutritionists that fit best to their personality and goals the app makes a shortlist of coaches that a user can browse through before selecting who they feel comfortable working with.


Interaction with a coach

The nutritionist, or coach as they are called throughout the app, keeps track on user’s food choices throughout the day. 

They provide an individual nutrition plan, offer alterntives if something is not working, help make optimal choices when dining out and nudge the user if they’re staying quiet for too long. Overall, this experience is no different if not more accessible than working with a nutritionist within a traditional practice.


Long-term support

Nutrition Coach doesn’t only support the user in reaching short-terms goals, but also helps them adjust the plan every time they’re ready to move to a new level.

Whenever a user updates their progress in their profile the app communicates this back to the coach and suggests an making an adjustment to a plan. This way the user can make use of the app past achieving the short-term goals and form new healthier habits in the long run.

Overall, as part of the project I designed, shipped and documented about a hundred screens and interactions along with a topline brand guideline and a series of presentations for potential investors and partners.

The app is currently seeking investment.

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