The Kissing Bills –
a fundraising campaign where money became a spokesperson for the cause.

Pink Cross
TBWA\ Germany
Junior Art Director

14 European countries allow same-sex marriage. Switzerland is still not one of them.

I was lucky to be part of a team that applied design and conceptual skills to help Pink Cross, Switzerland's largest LGBT rights organization, raise awareness and collect money to support the cause.

In print

8 ads pairing 16 bills showed 16 faces that met where facing pages meet for a kiss in support of gay marriage in Switzerland.


The Kissing Bills went up on billboards in Zürich and Bern.

On limited edition credit cards

And in celebration of its 25th anniversary Pink Cross launched a limited series of credit cards featuring the Kissing Bills. With every use of a Kissing Bills card 1% of the fees is donated to Pink Cross helping fuel their fight.

The impact

The campaign got picked up in 360° MAGAZINE,,, TÊTU, Mannschaft Magazin, W&V, and others. And while marriage equality has not yet been reached in Switzerland the campaign has generated a 27% increase of donations for the cause.

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