A referral program for a teen banking app.


Wingocard empowers teens in the US to become smart with money through its teen-first banking app, a Visa debit card and financial content.

As an early stage startup Wingocard needed to grow its user base fast and at a lowest cost possible.

A referral program is a proven tool that incentivizes existing customers to spread the word about a product through their networks. Wingocard’s competitors were rewarding users for inviting friends, and even Wingocard used to give out rewards in the beta stage, so users were expecting a reward program from us when Wingocard became available to the public.

Relying on our knowledge of best practices and staying true to Wingocard’s nimble practices, we built the first iteration of the referral program in a way that would allow us to easily iterate on both design and business logic after the launch.

My role

I led the design of the first iteration of the referral program feature from discovery to shipment and tracking success. I worked alongside the Product Lead, 2 BE and a FE engineer to define business logic, design scope, and identify technical constraints to allow us to launch the feature in a fast and scalable way.

of users who viewed the referral program screen shared a link
referrals are shared on average by an existing user
of the referral landing page visitors complete the sign up
In the first month of the referral program launch teen signups went up by 34% and account activations increased by 67%.
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